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Gildo Zegna

Gildo Zegna is part of the third generation of the family and CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna. As CEO, he has directed one of the group's most extensive international growth stages, here he discusses the pioneering spirit that’s defined his career.

My Defining Moment?

This year marks a defining moment in my life and career, as I reflect on a number of pioneering milestones for the company: 20 years of Zegna in Russia, 25 years in Mexico and 50 in Japan + 10 in India. For me, everything began in New York, when I joined the company in 1982 to lead the growth of the USA market. Since then I have been endlessly looking for new ways to strengthen our position as global leaders of luxury menswear and accessories. I’m continually driven to grow Zegna in new and exciting ways: there is a pioneering spirit in my approach to ideas and deepening reach. In 1991 we were ahead of the curve in recognising China as a key new potential market, and it’s testament to this pioneering spirit that we were the first luxury brand to open a store in Beijing. As the company comes together to celebrate these defining anniversaries, I keep my eyes fixed firmly on tomorrow, knowing our best and most exciting moments are still yet to come.

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